containerize con‧tain‧er‧ize [kənˈteɪnəraɪz] also containerise verb [transitive] TRANSPORT
to put goods into standard sized containers in order to move them by road, rail, or ship:

• the steadily increasing volumes of iron ore, oil and containerized trade crossing the Pacific

— containerization also containerisation noun [uncountable] :

• The revolution in distribution costs introduced by containerization opened up the world into a single market.

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containerize UK US (UK also containerise) /kənˈteɪnəraɪz/ verb [T]
TRANSPORT to put goods into a container or containers for transport, or to make a port, ship, etc. suitable for this method of transport: »

The face of shipping has changed, with more goods traditionally handled in bulk now being containerized.

containerized (UK also containerised) adjective

containerized cargo/goods/shipments

containerization (UK also containerisation) noun [U]

In April 1956 , the first of these converted ships sailed from New York to Houston, and containerization became a sunrise industry.

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